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Join us in understanding the birth, growth and future perspectives and Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum

Organised by Encompass....this is a really interesting talk. Its Free.... see you there...

Join us in understanding the birth, growth and future perspectives and Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum

Date and time

Tue, 29 March 2022 21:00 – 22:00 HKT

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About this event All around the world, Natural History Museums play a central role in efforts to promote environmental knowledge, the preservation of fauna and flora and scientific research. In cities like Hong Kong, located within a tropical hotspot of biodiversity, the role played by such museum to educate and study local and regional biodiversity is paramount to develop efficient conservation strategies and gain strong support from the population. The absence of such museum in Hong Kong thus represented a major gap that needed to be filled urgently. In this talk, I will introduce how the idea of creating the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum originated, and what our current objectives and future developments are. I will explain how our vision for the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum through its three pillars, the Window, the Bridge and the Vault could serve Hong Kong society and the preservation of its natural heritage. Finally, I will reveal how you can all become actors of the museum growth and blossoming. This talk is going to be conducted for free, donation to the HK Biodiversity Musuem is welcomed. About Dr. Benoit Guénard Dr. Benoit Guénard is an Associate Professor at The University of Hong Kong and the director of the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum. His research, published in >100 scientific articles, focuses on the study of biodiversity and takes a holistic approach across different fields of biology, while using different spatial and temporal scales. He is a renowned expert of ants, a group rich of 15,700 species, for which he developed the first global distribution database, a first for any insect group. About Encompass HK Encompass HK is a social enterprise that advocates for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through training and consultancy services to educate and support organisations to be more diversified and inclusive. The enterprise serves the community by contributing to social causes and Non-Governmental Organisations, as well as working with them through collaborative models. In October 2020, Encompass HK hosted the TEDxEncompass HK Countdown event, featuring prominent climate change speakers to share ideas on how much we can all go to make our individual actions count towards combating climate change.


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