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42 animals hiding away

Continuing our theme of helping local artists, I have been made aware of this clever 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and word search, which has 42 Hong Kong animals hiding in a jungle of neon letters. This is by a local photographer and artist, and his kickstarter campaign ends very soon, so make sure you check it out here:

In this art piece the urban jungle is represented by photographs of letters taken from many of Hong Kong's great neon signs - meanwhile the natural world is represented by 42 of Hong Kong's wild animals who are hiding as a word search in the matrix of neon letters.  From William Furniss

Photographer: "This is a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, word search, and art piece all about the city I fell in love with 28 years ago, Hong Kong.

No two words can really do this city justice. On the one hand Hong Kong is a glittering modern metropolis that could be the greatest city in the world; on the other a natural paradise of mountains, forests and beaches. How can an artist effectively express this unique relationship? A grand landscape? A multiple exposure? It's a conundrum. My answer to the artistic challenge is this puzzle".  I gave William some advice some time back on where to find the names of Hong Kong animals . His project is now done and he is promoting it. See below;


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