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ANDERSON’S STREAM SNAKE Opisthotropis andersonii

ANDERSON’S STREAM SNAKE . Opisthotropis andersonii

i know its winter, but hey, why not! and just try and find its eyes.......tiny little things...

information below taken from our sister site: for all your slithery needs.

Anderson's Stream Snakes are Olive green with faint black dots on top with yellow bellies. They have a narrow head helpful for hunting between rocks in slow moving streams. Notrils and eyes evolved on top of the head due to their aquatic nature. Generally not exceeding 30 cm when mature. Some color variation where olive green can give way to brownish hue.


Strictly nocturnal Anderson's come out at night to hunt fresh water shrimp, small fish and their favorite food earth worms. Anderson's have also been observed out in significant numbers during heavy rain on trails hunting worms flushed out by water. Not quick to bite or squirm excessively they are not dangerous in anyway though it should be noted that all snakes are capable of biting.


Found all over Hong Kong the Anderson's Stream Snake is one of the more common snakes to encounter at night if you're in the right location. Due to their diet of worms and fresh water prey they can be found most readily near rocky slow moving streams.

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