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Have you seen a Habu?

This is a POINTED SCALE VIPER - or a HABU . Protobothrops mucrosquamatus

as always, our information is taken from our brilliant sister site, full disclosure....its a sister site. These are my written by adam, aka mr snakeysnakemcsnakeface.

Dangerously venomous and potentially lethal. the snake, you fool, not Adam. Heavily keeled scales running the length of the body. Generally tan in color with dark brown or black alternating blotches running the length of the upper back with similar colored markings along the lower side. Head is extremely large compared to the body with proportional eyes and dark stripes running behind each eye. Head color is similar to the body with tan and dark brown markings on top. Jaw line can be dark brown or light tan in color (more common on mature specimens). Long slender body and relatively long tail.

Active at night usually well hidden in rock crevices and leaf litter. The Pointed Scale Viper is a predator that may both actively hunt their prey and or wait in ambush. They are a viper and have relatively long retractable fangs and will bite readily at anything that comes within range when hunting for food, and are actively aggressive when encountered. Prone to rush their assailants and hold their ground if they feel cornered. They will retreat quickly if the opportunity arises but are not at all averse to attack if the opportunity arises. A bite from a Pointed Scale Viper or “Habu” should be considered very serious and medical attention should be sought immediately. Although not known to be highly lethal fatalities have been recorded and very serious damage can occur from a bite even if treated.

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