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The Orange Slope Crawler

well, no, actually its the Red Mountain Racer, but my friend thinks that the title above is a much more fitting description. And he does have a point. or you can call it Oreocryptophis porphyracea nigrofasciata if you do not have a cold.

As always, information taken from our sister site

Varies in color from light brown to salmon to red to peach, usually reddish when not about to shed its skin, brown when shedding. Small red and black eyes on a long thin head rounded at the nose. Body color uniform from head to tail. Two black stripes running from the eyes down the length of the body along either side of the spine, sometimes faded, often intact. Additional short black stripe runs lengthwise from the nose to the back of the head. Thick bands widely spaced down the body visible on most species often faded when mature and solid black with white or yellow trim on juveniles. Pearlescent white belly scales with no markings. Generally less than 90cm when mature but sometimes slightly longer with a relatively thin body at about 2cm in diameter.

Now very rare in Hong Kong the Red Mountain Racer is known to inhabit high elevations sometimes exceeding 800m and seems to prefer cooler temperatures with many sightings occurring in the winter months. Can be found on grassy and rocky mountain bluffs as well as high elevation forest and bamboo groves. The authors have also found one specimen, a mature gravid female, just above sea level actively moving at night.

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