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Compare and contrast....

Talking about developing photographic skills, make sure you have a thorough review of your images. Not just post-shoot, but others you may have kept. And compare them with others you like that you see. I would also advise you to be rigorous in deletion. I delete 99% of my photos.

I'll use this image of a Changeable as an example. This is the image I had in mind, and it took some time to capture.

I wanted a red flushed male. I wanted him to stand out from the background.

I wanted the light from behind - with little/no shadow across his face.

I wanted a catchlight in his eye.

with this in mind I knew what to look for when I came across my next cooperative changeable. Compare the images below; not as red; or too distant; or face in shadow. All of these below would have been deleted, except to show others - like in this blog - on what not to do!

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