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I am very pleased to feature a link (but hurry, its only available for the next few days!) for a short film made by Daphne Wong, a young wildlife photographer and movie maker.

In here own words: "I’m a wildlife photographer and filmmaker in Hong Kong. I have a passion for everything about nature, and committed to telling these stories and raising awareness about the importance of protecting our unique biodiversity. I graduated from Marine & Natural History Photography at Falmouth University in the UK last year. ‘白海豚失樂園 Breathing Room’ is actually my final year project. The half-hour documentary is about the plight of the Chinese White Dolphin in Hong Kong. The film brings to light the research and conservation work that is being done to save them, and discusses the implications of habitat loss due to continuous coastal developments for these iconic pink dolphins".

🎥 期間限定: 《白海豚失樂園》免費網上足本放映至 23/5 ! Watch Now: 'Breathing Room' online viewing for free until 23/5!

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