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Life on earth

A bit of a more serious message today, as i have my exhibition later, which has as a purpose to (re)connect people to the natural world, and hopefully through discovery, come to love these wild animals more, and then protect them. And we will need to, if our grandchildren have any hope of seeing them - or even surviving, according to the more apocalyptic reports.

The WWF publish their bi-annual Living Planet Report, and the 2018 edition sends the urgent message that we need to care – and act –for nature NOW. Findings from the latest biannual report show that unsustainable human activities are causing biodiversity and wildlife populations across the globe to decline at alarming rates – 60 per cent in less than a lifetime – threatening human health and well-being by disrupting the planet’s natural systems that support life on earth

This graphic from Awaken Media says it all.

Now there is a new report coming out...."The study from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), expected to run to over 8,000 pages, is being compiled by more than 500 experts in 50 countries. It is the greatest attempt yet to assess the state of life on Earth and will show how tens of thousands of species are at high risk of extinction, how countries are using nature at a rate that far exceeds its ability to renew itself, and how nature’s ability to contribute food and fresh water to a growing human population is being compromised in every region on earth". source Awaken Media.

Lets see if that can shift government policy. I live in hope.

Last few words and reminder about my exhibition that starts today:

PORTRAITS OF WILD CREATURES RAH GALLERY. Address: 1/F 11 Man Nin Street Sai Kung Town The exhibition will be from the 23rd Saturday: 5-9pm, and then Sunday 12noon until 5pm and then until the 27th, from 12noon until 3pm each day. Please see the map below for location information - it’s about a 1 minute walk from the bus stop on Po Tung Road,, or 3 minutes from Sai Kung Pier. There is also a screen shot from Google Maps (the play school signage is no longer relevant), but it is the doorway next to the U-Select sign, past the little old bloke selling umbrellas etc, and up one floor.

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