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iNaturalist is back!

Well, actually it never went away.

iNaturalist is a superb worldwide citizen science project, which also happens to be a great way to help ID plants and animals, when you take their photo and upload them to the iNaturalist APP. Don't worry, its REALLY easy and simple. There are videos and tons of help, if you need it.

Find out more about it here .

Or better yet, simply download the App on your phone and start using it.

What I meant to say and promote is that Hong Kong has been entered in the City Nature Challenge again and I hope that you will be able to take part in it.

Great fun for adults and a really great way for kids to get involved. Over 20 schools are already signed up. Do you love nature? Do you love taking pictures on your phone? Do you want to help Hong Kong better understand its amazing biodiversity? This challenge is for YOU! Between April 26-29th 2019, all you need to do is to take photos of the wildlife you see in our urban parks, our countryside, our beaches, our neighbourhoods and our islands. Then upload your observations to iNaturalist. It's that simple!! There's NO registration needed and is FREE to join! Join over 130 cities around the world in promoting biodiversity awareness and engagement. Become citizen scientists and contribute to our growing database of local nature.

the event page for more Hong Konginformation is here:

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