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Monday dreaming

Hello Monday, and what a busy week ahead! I am on the radio this morning, as part of RTHK's Morning Brew programme, at 11am I think, and i'm busy finalising prints, and things for the exhibition that starts Saturday. So, I am looking back 3 weeks to a quieter time, when I had the chance to join my family for an African adventure. So, as some people have pointed out, enough of HK birds, and onto something a bit bigger and are a few pictures from our safari in Botswana and South Africa. (normal service with Wildcreatures of Hong Kong will be resumed soon!)

Lots of these gorgeous yellow weaver birds. Here the female inspects the nest, and the male flaps anxiously as if she thinks its not good enough, well there are harder, better workers, and off she goes!

I was willing this ox-pecker to go into its nose, much to the disgust of the other jeep occupants.

We were lucky to see a gorgeous leopard at sunset, and my big lens got me close in...tho this was shot at 1250 ISO from the back of jeep.

So many of these huge beasts...just wonderful, with their large family groups.

I hope you enjoy these pictures....

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