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'Twas late December...

...and I was just outside Mai Po, when i saw a photographer set up near a tree. He shared that he was waiting to photograph some birds eating Papaya, and generously shared the space, and i got some lovely photos.

He also helped identify the rare yellow-fronted canary that flew near us.

this was Jeffrey CHEUNG, and he kicks off something i had been meaning to do for a while, which is to share other local photographers work.

Jeffrey has a blog : There you will find more than 3000 photos and 660 species. Unless other specified all photos were taken in Hong Kong. I profile some of his great images here.... He describes himself: "Amateur wildlife and nature photographer. I do not bait birds, all photos are taken by me under natural environment". Enjoy.

ps if you know of any Hong Kong based photographer who should have their images of wildlife here published, then please let me know.

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