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Sai Kung Cattle

The majority of the 'feral cattle' seen around Hong Kong - are mostly unowned and free roaming.

This means they also get to stand in the middle of the road.

They are a unique part of Sai Kung's (and indeed Hong Kong's) history and have won the hearts of many within the community. They are social animals with individual personalities that shine through when you spend enough time observing them. There have been feral cattle observed within the Sai Kung region and particularly the Country Park, for over 30 years, with the generations we see now, all 'wild' born.

Current issues facing the free roaming bovine mainly center around habitat destruction, increasing conflict with traffic, being in legal limbo (not owned livestock / but not legally recognised as 'wild'), supplemental feeding and lack of a long term conservation management plan.

Cattle dung can be collected and used to give plants a boost, and it also provides much nourishment for a number of bug / insect / bird species.

If you encounter feral cattle, please enjoy them from a respectful distance, they are friendly animals - but due to their large size, need to be given space. Please also keep dogs under control around them.

Please keep calm, don't shout or act in a manner that will startle them. If you need to move past one on a trail - move slowly, and with confidence, past them quietly! Most are used to humans being around them - but some are more 'shy' than others. If you are unsure, wait until they have moved and continue on your way.

Please clean up any rubbish (especially plastics) that you may find in country areas - it poses a risk to not only the feral cattle but also other wild animals.

Take only photos, leave only footprints!

Thank you to the kind Cattle caring anonymous donor for the text and photos today!

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