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Chinese Waterside Skink 稜蜥 water skink

This pretty little lizard is widely distributed in streams throughout Hong Kong.

It is often seen in the water and can swim rapidly - it has distinctive yellow bands and leathery skin.

The following information is taken from the flickr website about reptiles in Hong Kong. Description: A medium sized lizard, around 10-15cm long. Body is normally a dark brown, can appear almost black (especially when wet). Has intermitent bars of yellow/lighter brown. Quite a thick body and thick base of tail. Can move quite quickly for short distances. When sisturbed will dive to the bottom of streams and hide under other rocks. Belly is lighter brown/yellow. Thick tail which helps it swim. Juveniles are the same but lighter overall. Leathery type skin, with keeled scales. head quite crocodilian..

Habitat: usually found close to streams, often on the stream bed. Normally wooded or forest type streams in the hills of hong kong. Often found hiding under rocks or wood around the banks of streams - which is where they find their food.....termites and other insects. Diet: Most small insects...termites, earthworms. in captivity has been seen to eat crickets, and other lizards.

Reproduciton: Viviparous. breeds in spring. 3-5 young, about 4cm in length. Distribution: Common across New Territories and hong kong.

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