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Dragon eat Dragon world

 I may also drop in an occasional photo taken outside of Hong Kong, that you may like. Again, if you like this idea, say "yeah", and if you don't.....well, just delete it.

We are fortunate perhaps not to have these huge lizards wandering around Hong Kong, as you need to be wary around certain of the larger ones with a bad disposition, (now often marked by the villagers with a bucket of red paint on the tail). This is of course a Komodo Dragon, eating....er another Komodo dragon.

This image was taken at dawn with a 70-200mm lens, so I had to get quite close and low for this shot, but I had an experienced guide near me, telling me where it was safe(r) to move....but you can see the belly of this one is so full, and he is fully occupied. i was more worried about the others coming up behind me to the feast.

yes, this is cannibalisation, but this dragon being eaten had died the night before, so the dragons are opportunistic carrion eaters. My guide woke me at dawn, saying he could smell a carcass...and we joined the dragons as they loped along the beach in the dark light of dawn.

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