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The hragra,harn, hernser and hernshaw or Heron as we now call it comes from the French name: héron c

Grey herons are the largest birds most of us ever see in Hong Kong, and they can attain a wing span of around 6ft.

In medieval times the heron was a favourite quarry of falconers who valued its great flying skills and ability to evade the falcon's stoops, and herons were also popular at medieval banquets: the young birds, called branchers, were thought to be the best to eat.

The fat of a heron killed at full moon was once believed to be a cure for rheumatism.

Herons are sociable birds when nesting, invariably nesting in long-established heronries.

Persuading marauding herons not to raid goldfish ponds is very difficult. The only 100% effective protection is netting the pond. Plastic decoy herons are more likely to lure birds to a pond than frighten them away from it.


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