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I often go into quite remote areas to walk and to look for wild creatures...albeit it is easier to photograph animals that have been acclimatised to humans in the many parks of Hong Kong. So imagine my surprise as I walked down an urban stream (otherwise known as a stinky little catchwater full of rubbish and chemical dumping, that I have alerted authorities about), when looking down i saw this lovely chappy sunbathing in our late January sunshine!

As i was walking to the bus stop yesterday I only had my phone with me but got this quick shot. He was about 5foot long...and looking quite healthy. It is of course the Common Water Monitor (Varanus salvator). Now, this is a very rare species to find locally, and is probably extinct in Hong Kong except for escapees or released animals, (and they prefer wetlands to urban sewage waterways) but I think this counts as a wonderful wildcreature! I am not sure what to do with it, as i could catch it.....but where should I let it go? and it seems to be thriving in its local environment. Maybe I should get a mate for it, and help with their re-introduction? But i am also worried someone else will see it, kill it, or report it as a crocodile! It poses no threat, so i'll let it be for now.....and hopefully see it again soon.

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